Waste Services

Solid Waste Collection Program Quick Reference Guide for Residents of the Town of


Place your garbage at the curb before 7 am on Wednesday. Please keep a 4′ distance between your garbage canister,  your recycling bin and
other objects like plants or mailboxes.  Also, avoid placing your cans near cars,
basketball goals, or low tree branches or wires. A distance of 40′ must be kept away from ‘Stop’ signs. Garbage cans should be no more than 32 gallon in size and no more than 5
containers per collection day.


Recycling collection is provided every other Wednesday.  Look for the reminder on
your utility bill. Place your recycling bin at the curb before 7 am on your Wednesday
collection day.   You may recycle aluminum, steel, or tin cans;  clear, green, or amber glass bottles;
plastic containers with recycling symbols #1 and #2 (remove the caps!); newspapers
and inserts, magazines, ‘junk mail’, printer/copy and office paper, brown paper bags,
corrugated cardboard boxes, pizza boxes, cereal, cracker, laundry detergent boxes
(no food or waxed paper boxes); milk and juice cartons; soft drink and beer cartons;
and telephone and paperback books (no hard cover books).   No broken or sheet glass.   No petroleum or hazardous waste containers. Remember the success of this system relies on recycling rather than throwing away,
so please recycle all of the items mentioned here.

Yard Debris:

Place your yard waste at the curb before 7 am on Wednesday. Place branches in ‘armload’ size piles when possible. Loose yard waste must be placed in containers that weigh less than 40 pounds per
container.  The collection crew is not responsible for raking remaining
uncontainerized debris. Limbs up to 4″ in diameter and up to 4′ in length may be stacked in piles that weigh no
more than 40 pounds.  Any limbs larger must be reduced (cut) to meet the length and
weight requirements. Yard waste outside these specifications can be picked up for an additional fee.  Call
FDS Disposal at (877) 855-7018 for a removal estimate.

Once Yearly Bulk Dumpster Service:

Once yearly, week-long (seven days) bulk dumpster service will be provided. Separate dumpsters will be provided for bulk items, white goods, tires, or other
waste items. Dumpsters will be centrally located and residents will be responsible
for disposing of their bulk items in the containers on these service dates.  Curbside
services will not be provided as part of this program. No hazardous waste will be
collected as a part of this service.

Furniture and Bulky Items:

Pickup for bulk items is by appointment only.    To schedule pickup please call FDS
Disposal at (877) 855-7018.   This service is for furniture, other large single household items, white goods (large
household appliances), exterior debris, such as sheds, fencing, roofing, decking,
doghouse, etc.