• Friends of McIntosh, Inc.:
P. O. Box 436 - (352) 591-4038 - www.friendsofmcintosh.org
                                                                           The Friends of McIntosh, Inc. is a
                                                                           benevolent, non-profit organization
                                                                           chartered on September 26, 1973. Its
                                                                           primary purpose is to preserve the natural
                                                                           beauty of McIntosh and to sponsor cultural
                                                                           and recreational activities in McIntosh. The
                                                                           organization purchased land near the post
                                                                           office and created the McKoone Hopwood
                                                                           Mini Park in 1973. The Friends of McIntosh
                                                                           also obtained, moved, and restored the
McIntosh Train Depot originally built prior to 1890.  The Depot is now a museum.  A
majority of the money required to fund this project was raised through hosting the
1890 Day Festival.  The first festival held on October 19, 1974 had an attendance of
about 4,000 people and has since grown to 250 vendors and an estimated 35,000
visitors.   Each year, a portion of  festival proceeds are used to sponsor a scholarship
fund assisting local students. The Friends also sponsor Light Up McIntosh! each
December. The Friends of McIntosh meet every second Tuesday of the month in the
Depot, downtown McIntosh.

Vendor and other information for the
1890 Day Festival scheduled for
October 25, 2014
can be obtained by sending a stamped, self-addressed
envelope to the Friends of McIntosh, P. O. Box 436, McIntosh, FL   32664.
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  • McIntosh Area Businesses:
Feaster's Business Rentals (352) 591-3231
Gina's Treasures (352) 591-4400
Harvest Village (352) 317-8060
Ice House Gallery (352) 591-5930
MAC's Garage & Superior Truck Tops (352) 591-2026
McIntosh Assisted Living (352) 591-2503
McIntosh Fish Camp (352) 591-1302
McIntosh Village Antiques (352) 591-3078
McIntosh World.com (352) 591-9744
McKee's Roofing & Repairs (352) 591-3211
Merrilly Bed & Breakfast (352) 591-1180
Mike's Fish Camp (352) 591-3665
Old Tyme Florida (352) 591-1999
Orange Lake Trading Post (352) 591-0307
Perry Construction (352) 817-6681
Roberto's Italian Eatery (352) 591-1145
Rustic Decor Warehouse (352) 591-4566
Sportsman's Cove Resort (352) 591-1435
Van Horn's Antiques #1 & Van Horn's Antiques #2 (352) 339-6864
Winters Past (352) 591-1455
Yearling Restaurant (352) 466-3999

  • McIntosh Lion's Club:
(352) 591-5701 or (352) 591-9686
The McIntosh Lion's Club invites men who have an interest in community service and
fellowship to join in support of a variety of charitable projects including the Lion's Eye
Bank, the Conklin Eye Center, Southeastern Guide Dogs, the Lion's Camp for Visually
Handicapped Youth, McIntosh Area School, the Blood Mobile and various Town
projects.  The Lion's Club run a vendor booth at the 1890 Day Festival selling food and
drink and sponsor a July 4th celebration at Van Ness Park.  The club also sponsors
Santa's arrival at the Christmas Light Up McIntosh! get-together in December.  The
Lion's Club meets on the first and third Monday of each month at the McIntosh Civic

  • McIntosh Seedlings Garden Club:
(352) 591-0579 or (352) 871-1094
The McIntosh Seedlings Garden Club uses funds raised through their sponsored
activities for the beautification of McIntosh and sponsoring children at Camp Wekiva
located in Orlando.  The Garden Club  hosts about 40 vendors at their Annual Spring
Plant and Garden Sale which will be held at Van Ness Park in downtown McIntosh on
April 5, 2014.  Enjoy music and food each spring at the
Plant Sale.  Vendor and other
information regarding the Annual Spring Plant and Garden Sale can be obtained by
contacting (352) 591-0579 or by emailing
evajo591@aol.com.  The McIntosh Garden
Club was also instrumental in placing the Blue Star Memorial monument on Hwy. 441
commemorating the Armed Forces.  The busy group also sells t-shirts ($10.00) during
the community festivals and custom McIntosh note cards (8 cards and envelopes for
$5.00) and walking/driving tour guides ($.50) which are available for sale at the Town
Hall.  The Seedlings Garden Club meets at 9:30 am on the first Thursday of each month
at the Civic Center.  Interested people are invited to attend.
Ocala Star Banner 2012 article:

  • McIntosh Cemetery Association:
NW 210th Street, P. O. Box 326 - (352) 591-2928 or (352) 591-1876
For plot location and cemetery information:

  • McIntosh Radio Station WIMR 96.5 LP FM
Your Favorite Blue Glass and Ole' Time Country
No fee for broadcasting community calendar events.
Tim Parker (352) 207-4245 or email wimr965@bellsouth.net

  • Newspapers
Ocala Star Banner - www.starbanner.com
McIntosh Gazette (A publication of the Friends of McIntosh, published each October)

  • McIntosh Post Office - (352) 591-2801 (Free PO Box Service for residents living
    within incorporated McIntosh town limits)

  • McIntosh Area Charter School - P. O. Box 769 - (352) 591-9797

The Blue Star Memorial Highway Marker was formally dedicated on May 30, 2008 with
an invocation from McIntosh Mayor Cary McCollum, participation from the North
Marion High Junior ROTC color guard, a speech from Eva Jo Callahan, President of the
McIntosh Garden Club, and singing from the students attending the McIntosh Area
School.  This monument has been dedicated as a tribute to the Armed Forces
servicemen and women who have served our country in the past, are currently
serving, and those who will serve in the future.  The Blue Star Memorials are a project
of the National Garden Clubs, and the McIntosh Garden Club worked long and hard to
obtain and place the marker.   The Blue Star Memorial is located on the west side of  
Hwy. 441 in front of the McIntosh Area School.

  • Van Ness Park - 5835 Avenue G
Over two acres of beautiful shaded park area including children's playground, picnic
tables, civic center, and tennis courts.

  • McIntosh Civic Center - 5835 Avenue F - P. O. Box 165 - (352) 591-1047
Rentals available:
Residents -                                           $100.00
Non-Residents -                                   $300.00
Refundable Security Deposit -         $100.00
Civic Center Lease Application
Maximum Occupancy:  84 People.  The lease does not include exclusive use of the
surrounding park area.  The park area is not part of the lease and may be used by the
general public.  The Town of McIntosh does not assume responsibility for the safety of you
or your guests.  You are responsible for the safety of your guests in all circumstances.

The McIntosh 1890 Day
Festival attracts 250
and an estimated 40,000
visitors each October.  Next
year's festival scheduled for
Saturday, October 25, 2014.
Seedlings Garden Club
Annual Spring Plant Sale.
The annual spring plant and
garden sale will be held
April 5, 2014 at Van Ness
Park in downtown McIntosh
Other Community Info. & Links:
Town of McIntosh  
Van Ness Park
A beautiful 2 acre park
at which the
McIntosh Civic Center
is located
McIntosh Civic Center
5835 Avenue F
Constructed of Florida
fieldstone in the 1930's as a
WPA project
(Rentals Available)
Mini Park located in
downtown McIntosh
was created in 1973.
The Lion's Club Members  
serve up Hot Dogs &
Hamburgers at the
Independence Day Celebration
The McIntosh
Cemetery Association
is the caretaker of the
Town cemetery
Website by Debbie Gonano, Town Manager/Clerk
The McIntosh Civic Center located
in beautiful Van Ness Park
The Civic Center is Available
Choose from 250 vendors at
the 1890 Day Festival
The McIntosh Garden Club
helped sponsor The Blue Star
Memorial which was dedicated
May 30, 2008 as a tribute to
past, present, and future
Armed Forces members